Terms And Conditions

Terms & conditions

Munaabi Phillip is an enrolled advocate of the high court of Uganda with a Certificate of admission and enrollment No. 4017
and holder of a valid Practicing Certificate issued by the High Court of Uganda No. 002431 renewed annually (hereinafter

referred to as ‘PC’).

1. Agreement

Each assignment is subject to written acceptance by PC and qualifies as an agreed instruction between the client and PC as defined in
section 48 of the Advocates Act, Laws of Uganda; without prejudice to the personal responsibility of the legal advisor selected by the
client. These general terms and conditions apply to the agreement between the client and PC except to the extent otherwise agreed in
writing. They may also be relied upon by the legal advisor selected by the client and any third parties engaged by PC in the context of
an assignment.

2. Performance

In the performance of its duties PC is not in a position to warrant any particular results, but it is bound to use all reasonable endeavors
to render the agreed services in a proper and timely manner.

Where PC introduces, engages or instructs third party advisors, it shall have no responsibility regarding the performance of such
advisors' duties towards the client.

3. Force Majeure

The agreement between the client and PC shall be suspended for the duration of any force majeure event. The absence due to illness of
the legal advisor selected by the client shall qualify as a force majeure event.

4. Liability

PC shall not be liable towards the client except on the ground of wilful misconduct or gross negligence. Any liability of PC shall be
limited to the amount paid out in the matter concerned under such policy (increased by any amount which, under the insurance policy,
may be for the account of PC or the legal advisor concerned).

Should the client become aware of any potential liability, PC must be informed in writing within 14 calendar days. Failing such notification,

any claim will lapse upon expiration of said period.

5. Expenses

Any expenses reasonably incurred by PC in the performance of its duties shall be for the account of the client. Major costs (including
international travel and accommodation expenses) are subject to prior approval by the client. Regular office costs will not be charged to
the client.

6. Payment

If an advance payment is agreed, the amount thereof will be set off against the last amount invoiced to the client at the end of the
assignment concerned.

Invoices issued by PC to the client are payable within 14 calendar days. Any invoices shall be deemed accepted unless contested in
writing prior to the end of that period. In respect of the correctness of any amounts invoiced, PC’s records shall constitute prima facie

In the event of late payment the client shall be in default without any notice being required; and as of the due date until the date of
payment the statutory commercial interest shall be charged on the overdue amounts.

7. Immediate termination

The client and PC can terminate their agreement with immediate effect by written notice on the ground that the other party is in material
default thereunder.

8. Disputes

The agreement between the client and PC is governed by Ugandan law. Any disputes regarding its validity, interpretation or
performance shall be submitted to an arbitrator first.