“The Bankers’ Natural ally is the Lawyer ”_HENRY FORD

Knowing you and your business is the primary duty of PrivateCounsel. He can be contacted directly, 00and will act for you in person, without interference of any trainees, associates or other fee earners. Pursuant to a service agreement for the duration of maybe one year, and on the basis of a flat fee which may be periodically reviewed.

Your Private Counsel has ample experience of working with some of the most reputable law firms. He is thoroughly familiar with that environment, but has left ‘hourly billing’ behind in order to be able to develop closer, personal relationships with a smaller number of clients. Such deeper involvement and commitment comes at a price that is significantly lower than the fees he had to charge in the past.

Your Private Counselhas extensive knowledge of business law issues. These include, without limitation, commercial contracts, transactions, finance, sureties, corporate law, restructuring operations, workers’ participation, corporate governance, disputes, liability issues and other commercial conflicts.

In addition, he has vast negotiating experience and acted for many clients in numerous court and arbitration proceedings. He is competent to detect, avoid and handle legal risks. He is also used to working in a team with tax lawyers, auditors, notaries or others. In projects he may participate as a team member or in a leading or coordinating role.

Knowing that your legal affairs are in safe hands makes you feel comfortable; and this is what Private Counsel is all about. Your Private Counsel will be able to deal with most issues personally. However, you will also benefit from his experience if specialist expertise is required or in case one of the large law firms should be engaged. Given his extensive network of professionals within and outside Uganda, he will successfully contact and liaise with the right expert or firm regarding your personal or business needs.

Private Counsel will almost certainly reduce your overall legal expenses. The close relationship implies that no time will be wasted on lengthy introductions, exchange of information and the like. Legal risks are perceived in a timely manner and problems (possibly including costly litigation) are avoided. Even the engagement of other advisors through your Private Counsel will be more efficient; apart from the fact that their fees will be negotiated beforehand and that their invoices will be reviewed.

However, at least as important is the fact that Private Counsel offers you the comfort and the luxury of having a private counsel who is available on a stand-by basis for consultation and assistance.